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Welcome! I’m Beomseok Lee, a handwritten font writter.
Since I am a Korean, I have mainly made Hangul fonts so far.
However, I always had a interest about cursive writing.
In 2023, I started practicing cursive by myself and came up with and interesting idea.
By incorporating this idea, I immediately jumped into font production and completed this work.

Just running this site and page gives me a lot of joy and happiness, 
so I would appreciate if you could invest a little time for me!

Font introduction

This font is not a handwritten font. In 2023, I bought a fountain pen and started practicing cursive handwritting.
While studying each alphabets, I was qurious about some designs such as b, f, r, s, z because they were too hard to read.

I had a lot of trouble reading this 5 alphabets

In the situation where most students no longer learn cursive writing, I thought that the bad readability is a huge disadvantage. However, cursive font have a unique charm compared to others. ‘All letters are smoothly connected’. We can write all the letters in succession. Therefore, I decided to make a work that maintain the strengths but also supplement the weakness.

Font characteristics

  • As I mentioned earlier, ‘Continuous’ is based on cursive but easy to read.
  • All alphabets are based on the design of print style.
  • In order to make all letter connected, the writing starts from left bottom side and ends at the right upper side.
  • Upper and lower alphabet features are as follows.
Continuous 카탈로그

Font download

If I provide font files directly within this page, it will take server capacity.
Therefore, I am distributing them through Google Drive. Please excuse me.

  • otf is a file extension which is used in Adobe and Microsoft.
  • ttf is a file extension which is used in Apple and Microsoft.
  • Select the file format that you are looking for.
  • If you click the button, it is normal for the file download window to appear immediately.

Font license

‘Continuous’ is a 100% free font.
You are allowed to use this font for any commercial project.
However, editing – copying – distributing or selling the font file is strictly prohibited.
(It is possible to share the adress on this page. Thank you)
If it is ambiguous to judge, such as the font being used for direct sales, please contact the email below.
[email protected]/[email protected]

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  1. 감사합니다! 잘 쓰겠습니다. 멋진 작품이에요. 앞으로도 좋은 폰트 많이많이 부탁드릴게요:)

  2. 영문 필기체 폰트를 찾아헤매고 있었는데 유용하게 쓰일것 같아요! 감사합니다

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